Monday, 31 May 2010

Another job!

I know it has been some time since I updated this but I have been pretty busy with one thing and another. A week last Friday I had another interview for part time work and I was succesful in being invited to be the rector of St Magnus in Lerwick and St Colman in Yell. These are the Episcopal churches on Shetland and the most northerly anglican churches in Great Britain. (Is this where someone says I have gone right to the top!!!?)

I am thrilled with this appointment, and pretty amazed really as it came at almost the moment I had decided they were never for me. It does mean that I will be moving into the heady bright lights of Lerwick over the next few weeks. The house on Burra will be set back to holiday and friend use as soon as I can. I will also have a spare room in Lerwick which will be nice too.

They cannot afford a full time post so I will be carrying on with the care work which I am enjoying and driving the minibus from time to time for Walter and Joan, this will give me 100% and a pension comes with the new post too.

All this comes also at the time the congregation are about to move back into the church building having been having their service in the church Hall for the past 9 months. In fact ths Sunday I will be leading them back in.

The New Bell which Simon and I watched being cast just before I left Cambridge is here as you know and tomorrow I am helping to put it into the tower of St Magnus. Also quite "coincidental".

I am sorry it has taken time to get around to updating this but that about brings us two speed so far. Here is Eli on Burra a couple of days ago, and an image of the new home soon to be in Lerwick..

Friday, 7 May 2010

Into May

Getting on into May now and today the sun even felt warm at times. Off to Yell on Sunday again, after last weeks cancellation due to Ferry problems. I am still keeping busy with one thing and another and time seems to shoot by.

The Sun is creeping around the horizon now before it sets and the views are often stunning. We now have a good seven hours more daylight then at the back of November.

Simon has started his finals now so it is a tense time for him. Hannah is fine and getting one well in her work. She is off mountain biking in Wales this weekend.

It was good this week going to hear Ann Cleeves in Lerwick Library. It was very full and the fiddle player Chris Stout was excellent. She read bits from each of her Shetland saga. She hinted that there may be other books set here in the future even if in a different saga.