Monday, 16 May 2011

Summer is here!

The Arctic Terns have arrived with their distinctive call, and soon they will be attacking the heads of unsuspecting walkers as they get too close to their nests on the shore.

This is often regarded as the first sign of summer here..

We had drama off Hamnavoe last week when a fishing boat returning home in strong winds was driven onto the rocks right near to the lighthouse of Hamnavoe. The crew (six) were all winched to safety by the helicopter and the boat is now just sitting there stuck on the rocks. They have removed all the "toxic" materials and apparently it will now just slowly decay there stuck where is is. The sea will slowly claim it back. I wonder how long it will take?

Burra was beautiful yesterday. I managed a lovely walk with my friend Jack. It was great to get to a walk there again. Obviously Eli was there too.

As you can see from a previous picture, we are beginning to get some new ship visitors now and the first cruise visitors have begun to arrive. Goodness knows what it will feel like when the Tall Ships race arrives here in July. I think the place is going to be so crowded.

St Magnus church is getting ready now for its big celebrations in June (27th)As part of these we are reading the Bible from beginning to end non stop. We start on the Friday afternoon and end on the Monday night. On the Monday night we are holding a special service of Thanksgiving for all the work done on the restoration.( £585k worth of work !!! ) An amazing accomplishment.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ahoy! there

Sometimes we get really beautiful ships into harbour. Later this year in July The Tall ships Race arrives in Lerwick and we are expecting dozens of ships like this!! Wow