Saturday, 24 August 2013

A group photograph

Here we are after the first legal ceremony in Oxford. From left to right: Simon Brice,Deborah Brise, Rachel Brice, Neil Brice, Hannah Hale, Tristan Hale.

The more discerning will now realise that Hannah is now HRH! A real princess!

Shetland contingent at Hannah's and Tristan's wedding

Dutifully reading II magazine! Only Shetlanders will understand the meaning of this picture. It has been submitted for printing! watch the space folks.

Hannah is now married

Hannah got married recently in Oxford. What a special day this was for all those gathered..... not least of course for me the father of the bride. I never expected to feel what I felt as we walked down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony, which indeed I helped also to lead! Wow!