Monday, 26 July 2010

Simon's Graduation in London

Now he really is a Law unto himself!!!!

What a proud and good day, though I was wilting in the heat!!


Well yes I am still here as you can see and I am now fully inducted as the Rector. Here is a pictures from the service held at St Magnus in Lerwick. Things are going really well.
I have now fully moved into the town now and live at the Rectory just behind the church, the closest I have ever lived to "the shop". The house needs ahuge amount doing to it and I suspect it is going to be cold and damp in the winter! I hope to be able to open the two fireplaces and get the chimneys dried out which could well help all sorts of things. There is a huge damp patch over my bed in the bedroom which might go once a fire is lit below. The windowes are mostly rotten and do not open so ventilation is challenging.

Eli has now survived two kennel visits and he seems to be ok with that experience which is a good thing.

Last weekend was Simon's graduation in London and I will post a picture of that in the next post.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Alive and kicking!

Hi, I know itg has been some time since I managed to get on here and update things. I have been pretty busy moving into Lerwick and beggining to get sorted with lots more still to get done.
I have also had two days of induction services and legal paraphinalia. (probably spelt wrong)

Any way everything is going pretty well really but i am tired too. Last week saw me three times on Yell.

We have had many cruise liners in to Lerwick and there are lots of holiday makers around too.