Thursday, 25 February 2010

All is white

It is all very well having four part time jobs, but when they get cancelled due to the weather it is tough. I drove all the way to Scalloway yesterday, I left early too because I knew the roads were tricky, and when I got there I was told that I need not have come in because Day care was closed for the day. (That in itself was not surprising, but I thought I was still on induction!) Any way I turned around headed away.
Today was supposed to be a little better but the opposite is the case. The wind has picked up and the snow that was lying has drifted big time and now it is a white out outside with more snow falling too.
Fortunately I did get into tesco yesterday when the roads were better and get food for both me and Eli so we will not starve.
The already delayed Burns night supper I was going to on Friday night has been postponed again

I now have yet another "disclosure" ("CRB check" in english) so my application to be added to the teacher supply bank and additional supports bank can be processed now, this may open up another avenue for income. If not at least I have wallpaper!

Once I have got over the fact that there is no going out, and convinced Eli of the same too, it is fine here with the warm glow of the fire and some good books and poems to indulge in. so here we go....

Monday, 22 February 2010

Hannah's Birthday!

A present for Hannah's Birthday

Well is is Hannah's birthday today and all the plans to chat on line to her this morning and wish her a Happy Birthday went out of the window when we had a power cut. Eevn the mobile phone was unable to pick up a signal outside in all the usual places so I can only suppose that te power to the mobile phone masts was also affected. Well any way later in the morning I did manage to get her on the mobile so greetings were sent!

It has been a little while since I last wrote on the blog, I am sorry about this it is not really because I had nithing to say, more the point that I had little time to get down and write it.

The induction days at the Walter and Joan Gray home have gone well, and I even managed to meet some of the people in between reading countless policies and Health and Safety guff. I have some more induction days this week too.

Ash Wednesday went well and we were able to go outside for the bonfire. I had thought maybe the weather would close in on us, but it held off just at the right moment. Funeral preparations went well and the funeral itself on Friday went well, though not without incident! The sun shone wonderfully however despite being blizzards for some in the morning.

We have been plagued with passing snow showers which seem to hit some places but not others. Yesterday I had to quickly evacuate from Yell when the snow came in very quickly and 2 inches fell in half an hour. It was tricky getting back to the ferry but I had a laugh too as the sheep looked like mobile snow balls.

Today it has been pretty poor weather, I did manage a walk in the snow with Eli this afternoon and discovered that my "art creation" (inspired by environment and society) was even better once the good man had dusted it. So I took a picture for you.

I am tempted to do some more of this on my walks, but they do take some time.

I had an interview on Saturday, and I have just heard that they woukd like me to be on their relief list of carers. (another relief list!) Once all the paperwork is completed and yet another disclosure has been completed I am to attend a weeks induction. (This is beginning to sound familiar!) I did enjoy the interview though and it went well. I am however pretty busy with one thing or another and juggling all the little pieces can be tricky. I have already had to try and swap one thing with another to fit two things in. It would seem I will just have to put up with juggling things for a few month more yet

Next week I start on the residential homes circuit... Each church takes a turn to lead a service and needless to say the "pisckies" play their part. Strangley in a few weeks I am down for one at the Walter and Joan, so that will be strange.

Well I will go and catch my tea now!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

What a great day

Sunshine from start to finish so a great walk on the West Side. I suddenly thought that so far there have been no sightings of the infamous Shetland Ponies on this blog, so here we go...... The pony is the white one!

Oh what a beautiful morning!

It is of course by no means the first, but this morning was bright and blue from the beginning. The usual walk down to the beach followed by Coffee was a great way to begin the weekend. Here are some shots.

It would seem that I have my first Shetland funeral to look forward too. Someone I have known for a while actually so that is nice to be able to help in this way for the family. He died peacefully at home this morning. Mind you with the church out of action for some months yet owing to the discovery of major work needed in addition to the already major restoration completed (you know how these projects have a habit of throwing up the unexpected?)I wonder where the funeral might actually take place. We shall see.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Day on Bressay

I spent today working on Bressay the island opposite Lerwick. It was a lovely day and Eli and I went for a walk along the east coast.
The cliff scenery is stunning there but I forgot to take the camera out of the car so you can only see later pitures.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Our morning walk over the "lawn" (someone may understand that humour!)

I took the camera out this morning on our morning walk. If you see the video clip I am sorry about the background noise I could not do anything about it at all! Something to do with the way the waves were moving over the nearby rocks. Any way here are some still pictures too for you to enjoy. I will try to add more of Eli on his page too.

Monday, 8 February 2010

How to pick up a box!

Did you think like me that it was easy enough to pick up a box?

Last Tuesday I started my "Moving and Handling" training and after the demonstration and talk through I was asked to pick up the box.... I was suddenly aware that I did not know how to do it! There followed two days of briefing and demonstrating and lots of practice on how to move people safely from one place to another. I am sure I cannot remember it, but I am told that at first I will be with someone anyway to refresh my memories.

Tomorrow I have my first "official" Crossroads visit.

Yesterday was a Yell Day again, and I have begun working with the "Readers in training" there. This should proove interesting and I will look forward to helping them in their two year training course as a local tutor. At least I get paid a little for this work.

Today I have been asked to go to Orkney for a day meeting (expenses paid) so that is nice. A trip to somewhere I have wanted to visit. I get to stay in a hotel too!!! What is more I have also been asked if I will go over to the "Skerries" to lead worship in the church there (Church of Scotland). That will be very interesting if it comes off. It seems not many people are too keen to go over there to lead a service. I may find out why!