Eli and Leah the black Labradors

Some people think I am cold and shivering here but really I am fine. It was a windy day and this gets into my ears and fur, but to keep warm I run around a lot and roll in the snow or on the grass
Here I am on the beach this morning. It is great fun being able to run out of the house and down the grass (the lawn!)
And when I get into te water it is good too... but it is cold at the moment. It makes me want to run around a lot. But then I get to lie in front of the nice fire when I get home.
I know the stiles well around here and it is great jumping over the fences.
Safe at home

It is beginning to get warmer now and I am even going in the sea much more. I have made some more new friends including a strange small creature called a pug dog. He told me that he was bred to keep chinese ladies feet warm. He was certainly small he could hardly keep up with me on our walk.

Eli has learned to catch a Rabbit....!!!! He loves long walks too

Here is Darwin and Lotty, Eli's brother and Leah's mum.

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