Thursday, 25 March 2010

First Overeseas trip

I went down to Orkney Yesterday. I flew down from Sumburgh to Kirkwall in the morning. and came back this morning arriving back in Burra around 1.00pm.

The reason for the trip was a meeting to discuss Lay Reader Training with someone coming up from Mainland Scotland. There was also a special service in St Olaf's church in the evening where the oils were blessed. (an early Maundy Thursday service) It was great to be able to meet the episcopal clergy on Orkney and also to meet the person from the Reader training.

Everything went well and I even had time and opportunity for som sight seeing. I went to the Italian Chapel built by prisoners of war in the second world war out of two old nissan huts and marvelously painted and kitted out. (pictures included.) I saw Scapa flow and the Churchhill barriers built by the same prisoners of war. I saw various stone circles which were amazing. A great cafe in St Margaret Hope, I saw Stromness and South Ronaldsay.

Eli was looked after by my nighbour and he had a great time too by all accounts.

I also saw St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, a sort of miniature Durham Cathedral and very well preserved and maintained.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My soul he doth restore again, and me to walk doth make!

Well there is the proof. Scarpa have acknowledged that the boots should not have failed in the way they did and have replaced the failed pair with a brand new pair of Scarpa boots. Good old Scarpa! I always knew deep down they were good boot people. There was no messing either, simple exchange.
Now I have the awful choice to use the new boots. I always feel the same when I get a new pair of shoes or sandles... I seem to keep the new ones until much later.
So my souls is restored.
A glorious day here today and the sea has calmed over the day to the point where I can hardly hear it.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The things I have to put up with

Apparently tomorrow is the vernal equinox so we should see some changes in the Sun's behaviour. The sunsets have been pretty good over the weekend

and I have to put up with these views. I put it here so that you can all see what I mean.

I had a good afternoon and evening on Yell again last weekend, and despite the local news telling me about unruly disturbances on Yell I do not think they were referring to St Colmans Mothering Sunday service, though we did get quite a crowd..

I have been asked to go into Walter and Joan Gray home tomorrow and I have Crossroads work on Friday so this wek will end up not being so bad really. I had a another Crossroads client yesterday and we went swimming again. I enjoy this as you feel you are really making a difference.

Today I am going over to Bressay again to visit a couple of folk.

No news yet about my boots but I had to get a new inner soul (sic!) the other day for my wellington boots because I ended up getting so soaked when I tried and failed to get a huge trunk of wood out of the water. It was fun trying and Eli just watched. So all in all you could say my soul(s) is being refreshed.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

"they're here!"

Well to be more precise, they are coming! The bird population is beginning to build up now and the gulls on Burra are beginning to take more cautionary notice of me and Eli when we are out walking. We should notice a big difference as the month passes and the vernal equinox is due soon so the days will really pull out.

This week has seen a little work, but not much, but as easter looms on the horizon this is not too much of a problem because I am fairly busy getting all that side of things sorted.

Today is a wonderfully sunny and warm day and Eli and I have had some good walking, he made another new friend today, a tiny "pug" dog (I think that was what it was called.)

The photograph is of "The Swan" a fairly well known boat up here which is getting ready for the new season. It was taken out of the water this week for its regular maintenance. When it is working it takes groups of people out on various trips and cruises. A friend of mine and his wife is going to Norway on her later in the summer. Usually the groups are young people who are in some way disadvantaged (disabled etc) and the experience they gain can be invaluable.

The Shetland Times this week reports that it is likely that the ferry from Aberdeen is now going to take longer to get here. Arriving at the same time but departing much earlier. If going via Orkney then it is proposed to leave around 4pm from Aberdeen. Quite a drag! This is all in a bid to save money on the subsidy and also to help "global warming" by using less fuel and fewer engines! We shall see. Most people are expecting an explosion of public interest in next weeks paper. Maybe The Swan could go into coompetition with the modern ferry?
My walking boots fell to pieces this week! Eli and I were out walking down the coast of Burra when my feet started to feel loose in my shoe. (like as if the laces had undone) But on looking down i noticed the soul had departed from the upper part of the boot on the left foot and it was just beginning to fail on the right side too. They are only about 3 years old so I have sent them back for investigation. They were not cheap either, usually good Scarpa boots, usually I am happy with them. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

March has begun like a lamb

It is Wednesday today and I have been at the Walter and Joan Gray home all day. It has been a glorious day, the sea was so calm and the skies so blue. I guess it must have been 55 degrees at least outside, and I was certainly warm enough with just a thin jumper (gannzie) on..
I am taking another funeral on Friday and services in a care home up north tomorrow. This week is certainly hectic. Off to Yell on Saturday for a meeting and for lunch, Eli will come too of course.
I took some photos yesterday and today. The skies can be very dramatic no matter what the weather. The lone fisherman tending his creels had a radio palying which was co clear over the calm water. Eli is seen watching on too. The evening light today was very calming.